Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MLCI's new office

MLCI's operations have moved to a new office in Belgrade Village. Belgrade Village is a great little town, nestled in an area rich with lakes, streams, and wetlands. According to the official community website, there are five lakes, but PEARL includes a few more that are nearby. The lakes range from big ones like Great Pond (8500 acres) to little, unnamed ponds of only an acre or so.

Unfortunately, one of the lakes (as of 2007) had a documented infestation of variable milfoil, an invasive aquatic plant. You can see a map of such infestations here. Some of the activities MLCI has conducted related to aquatic invasives are documented on the Students' Portal. Nobleboro Central School did a neat project figuring out how much of their local lake might be covered if Eurasian milfoil were to invade.

Stay tuned to hear more about MLCI's programs as the spring season gets into full swing.

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  1. I noticed that there are 2 types of milfoil that are invasives for Maine - Eurasian and Variable leaf. It seems like there's less of the Eurasian milfoil around, according to the DEP map linked above.