Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting to know the new office

Many of the MLCI board members got to see the new office yesterday. It's located on Maine St. in Belgrade Lakes, and has a view of one of the lakes. Here's a sneak peek of the street view, before we moved in (stay tuned for further developments):

Really, though, MLCI's 'office' is the Melinda Ann - the boat where much of the programming goes on. Whether exploring the lake bottom with our remote-controlled submarine or collecting water and benthic samples from the lake, MLCI's boat program offers students a new window into the health of the lake they love to use for swimming, boating, and fishing. Our program introduces students to the basics of lake science, watershed ecology, and issues affecting water quality.

For more information about the boat program or to get on the schedule, contact our Lake Science Educator, Phil Mulville at or call us at 207-495-2222 for further details.

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